Message from Novak Djokovic Foundation

We are extremely proud and happy of the collaboration with “Rewind Bookstore” as their project is celebrating our founder’s incredible achievement of ending the calendar season as world number one tennis player for a record 7 times so far in his career. 

For our partnership, we have created a limited edition of a box that includes seven different books. Each book celebrates one tennis season that Novak Djokovic completed finishing in the top position of the ATP rankings. Within each book, you can go through every tournament and press conference that Novak played and attended during that year, with exclusive photos and a throwback to some of the best tennis matches ever played. 

As Novak himself famously said in his victory speech at the Australian Open 2023: “Dare to dream”. We believe that solid and strong early childhood education and development are crucial foundations to make one’s dreams come true. The goal of this project is to raise funds for our foundation’s mission, which is to give every child in Serbia an access to quality early childhood education. With this partnership and project, we hope to give the opportunity to our pool of generous donors to invest in our foundation in a different, unique, testimonial manner. 

Thank you for being with us on this journey,