NDF shop doo Beograd

Bulevar Arsenija Carnojevica 59b

Company number: 21895857

TIN: 113592842

Activity code: 4791 – Retail sale via mail order or via internet

Phone number: +381691550252


Pursuant to regulation from Articles 12 and 26 of the Law on Consumer Protection, NDF shop doo Beograd,


 its valued customers who buy services online via

– that the sale of goods and services via is carried out within registered activity by NDF shop doo Beograd, Bulevar Arsenija Carnojevica 59b, company no. 21895857, TIN: 113592842, phone number.: +381691550252,

– that the basic features of the goods can be found on the website

– that purchases made via our website are considered remote shopping according to the current regulations

– that goods sold via the website has the properties required for the regular use of that type of goods, and in accordance with its purpose

– we deliver purchased goods via courier services, as defined here,

– in case the customer receives the product and finds that the size is not suitable, the customer has the right to exchange the item for another size within 14 days,

– if the customer receives the product and wants to exchange it for another item, which can be of a higher, lower, or the same price category as the previously ordered one, the customer can exchange the item within 14 days,

– the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract (cancel the purchase) within 14 days from the day of delivery, without stating the reasons for withdrawal. In case of withdrawal, the customer bears the cost of returning the goods.

– that in case of non-conformity of the ordered goods through the website, the customer has the right to make a complaint.

– that in case of a customer dispute, there is a possibility of its out-of-court settlement before bodies for out-of-court settlement of customer disputes that are on the list made and publicly published by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia. The list of bodies competent for out-of-court settlement of customer disputes can be found at the following link The Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications of RS may occasionally update the list, so accordingly, we also refer customers to the appropriate website of the mentioned ministry, in order to have an additional opportunity for verification

– the address for filing a complaint is: When purchasing at NDF shop doo Belgrade, it is assumed that you have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Use, which follow below. Please read them carefully.

– you can download the complaint receipt here.



In order to successfully process your order, it is necessary to provide us with the following information:

  • your name and surname,
  • address,
  • e-mail,
  • phone number.

The above data allows us to efficiently process your purchase order, to inform you about the current status of your purchase order or to process your possible complaint.  

In addition to the above data, we collect, analyze and process data about products and services that our users search for and buy, as well as about the pages they visit. We use this data to improve the quality of the content at NDF shop doo Beograd, the offer and appearance of our pages, and also to enable you to make a simpler and faster purchase.  All user data is stored in accordance with the highest professional standards, and are available exclusively to employees who need them to perform their work and to employees of the Novak Đoković Foundation, which is the founder of NDF shop doo Belgrade, who keep records of potential donors, and not to third parties. NDF shop doo Beograd is committed to complying with all obligations stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Law (“Official Gazette of the RS”, No. 87/2018) and is committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors to the and users of NDF shop doo Beograd. All data you provide during registration is considered a business secret and the information thus obtained shall be used exclusively for the purposes of order fulfillment. User registration is a generally accepted standard in online shopping and is used to protect users and their rights. Data entered during registration is protected and will not be given to third parties (except to the Novak Đoković Foundation as the founder of NDF shop doo Belgrade in order to collect data on potential donors) or published in any way. Information about news, newsletters and the like is delivered exclusively to persons who have signed up to receive such mail.   



NDF shop doo Beograd supports card payments exclusively.

When entering payment card information, confidential information is transmitted using the current state-of-the-art encryption technology. Payment card information is not available to our system at any moment. NDF shop doo Beograd will not request and archive data related to the payment card used for the transaction, especially the card number, expiration date, CVC2 and CVV number, etc.

VAT Statement

VAT is included in the price and there are no hidden costs.


When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via a public network in a protected (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol and PKI system, as the latest currently available technology. Data security during purchases is guaranteed by the payment card processor, Chipcard. Payment card information is not available to our system at any moment. On behalf of NDF shop doo Beograd we undertake to protect the privacy of all our customers. We collect only necessary, basic data about customers/users and data necessary for our operations and user information in accordance with good business practices and with the aim of providing quality service. Customers are given choices including the ability to decide whether or not they want to be removed from mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All user/customer data is strictly kept and is only available to employees who need this data to perform their jobs. All employees at NDF shop doo Beograd (and business partners) are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.   


A user who successfully pays for the goods or service, and NDF shop doo Beograd receives payment confirmation from the bank during the transaction:

  1. receives the service immediately and receives a clear notification about it via the web and e-mail
  2. The confirmation of a successful purchase is received via email, while the goods are delivered by a courier service within the usual timeframe for that type of delivery. The courier delivers packages to the delivery address on working days between 8am and 6pm. Please ensure that there is someone present at the address to receive the package during this time. Upon receiving the package, it is necessary to visually inspect it for any visible damage. If you notice significant damage to the shipping box and suspect that the product may be damaged, refuse the package and immediately notify us by calling the toll-free number +381691550252. If the package appears undamaged, please accept it and sign the delivery note for the courier. The courier will attempt to deliver the package twice. If the courier cannot locate you at the delivery address, they will call the phone number provided during the order creation process to arrange a new delivery time. If the courier still cannot locate you at the delivery address, the package will be returned to us.

In case of a technical problem, and if the user does not receive the service or a confirmation of successful purchase of goods, they need to send a complaint to NDF shop doo Beograd.


All payments will be made in the local currency of the Republic of Serbia – dinar (RSD). For informative display of prices in other currencies, the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia shall be used. The amount for which your payment card will be debited will be expressed in your local currency through conversion at the exchange rate used by the card companies, which cannot be known to us at the time of the transaction. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price listed on our website. Thank you for your understanding.


If the user does not meet the technical requirements for the delivery of the service, NDF shop doo Beograd cannot guarantee the delivery of the service. If the system detects any sort of irregularity with the user’s account for any reason, the user will not be able to receive the service. In this case, the user must submit a complaint to NDF shop doo Beograd.


If the user is not satisfied with the service or has a technical issue, and in accordance with the general conditions, the accepted terms or the signed service contract, he has the right to submit a complaint to or call: +381691550252. The complaint will be resolved in accordance with the applicable legal norms.

Complaint to service delivery

NDF shop doo Beograd is obliged to respond to the complaint within three business days, not counting the day of the complaint. In the case of a valid complaint to a buyer who has previously paid with one of the payment cards, partially or fully, NDF shop doo Beograd is obliged to make the refund exclusively via VISA, EC/MC, Maestro and Dina payment methods, which implies that the bank will, at the request of the seller, make a refund to the account of the cardholder. The user of NDF shop doo Beograd has the right to a refund of the paid funds, in the percentage in which he did not use the service, minus the costs incurred by NDF shop doo Beograd, which were incurred as a result of using the service. Pursuant to Art. 36 of the Law on Customer Protection (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 88/2021), the user has no right to withdraw from the contract in the case of the provision of services after the service has been fully performed, if the provision of the service began after the explicit prior consent of the customer and with their confirmation that they understand that they lose the right to withdraw from the contract when the merchant fully executes the contract.

Complaint about delivery of goods

NDF shop doo Belgrade is obliged to respond to the complaint within three business days, not counting the day of the complaint notification.

When receiving the shipment, please check your package in the presence of the courier. If there are visible damages on it (torn parts and dents), you should not accept the package. In this case, please call us at +381691550252. We will inform you about the further procedure as soon as possible.

If you have received the shipment and after opening the box found out that the delivered goods do not correspond to the ordered ones or the information on the receipt is not correct, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving the shipment.

If there are any discrepancies in the purchased product in terms of the provisions of the Law on Customer Protection, please contact us.

Please prepare the following information:

    Your receipt number

    The item code and size you wish to make a complaint about

    A description of the problem you are experiencing

You can provide this information by calling +381691550252 or by submitting a complaint via email to along with the receipt or other proof of purchase.

We will respond to your complaint in writing or by email within 8 days of receipt, and inform you of the further steps we will take. The deadline for resolving the complaint is 15 days from the date of submission.

You can download the complaint receipt here.


Refund Policy

In case of contract cancellation, the customer has the right to a refund or exchange for another product. The product price will be refunded to the customer upon receiving the returned product. The seller is obliged to refund the amount paid by the customer under the contract without delay and no later than 14 days from the day of receipt of the withdrawal statement, and after receiving the product. The cost of returning the product and the money is borne by the buyer, except in cases where the buyer receives a faulty or wrong item.

Refund Procedure

Please prepare the following information:

    Your invoice number

    Your ID card number

In case of product return or refund to a customer who has previously made a payment with a payment card, partially or in full, regardless of the reason for the return, the seller is obliged to make the refund exclusively through VISA, EC/MC, and Maestro payment methods. This means that the bank will refund the funds to the user’s account upon the seller’s request.

You can return the product within 14 days of receiving the order, accompanied by the receipt/delivery note. The items must be returned undamaged, unused, and in their original packaging.


We hereby inform you that all copyrights, registered signs and other intellectual property rights to all content (textual, visual, and audio materials, design, images, databases, programming code, etc.) on this website belong to the Novak Đoković Foundation as the founder of NDF shop doo Beograd or entities who granted NDF shop doo Beograd permission to use them. You may use the said materials only to the extent explicitly stated and which is necessary for your personal, non-commercial use or to place your order and use other services that we provide through this website. In this regard, we note that it is forbidden to change the content of this site in any way, or to reproduce or publicly display, distribute, or otherwise use it for public or commercial purposes, so that any unauthorized use may constitute a violation of the regulations governing this area. By using any part of this website, it is assumed that you are familiar with these terms and conditions, as well as agree to use the content of this page solely for your personal use and at your own risk.


NDF shop doo Beograd reserves the right to change all of the above conditions. Users o of the website will be notified of all changes to these general conditions via their registered e-mail address. It shall be assumed that the users are aware of the changes to the general conditions during each subsequent order, after sending the notification.